Why Data Scouts?

To deliver 'customer first' experiences you need to start from within.

With the rapid increase in technology and innovation, the industry as a whole has not invested enough in the training and skills development required for successful digital transformation.

As a result, there is huge demand for skilled resources which are now in low supply. This is what has created the skills gap which is only set to grow in the coming years ahead.

Our goal at Data Scouts is to help organisations bridge this gap by providing the necessary skills training, capability development and relevant industry certifications across Marketing Automation, CRM, Lifecycle Marketing, Content, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.

Our People

Meet the team at Data Scouts

Will Scully-Power

Course Facilitator

Will Scully-Power is a course facilitator at Data Scouts. Will is also a Co-Founder at Pascal, a natural language generation software company that generates human sounding automated insights using AI and machine learning.

Will also serves on the board at Datarati, Asia-Pacific’s digital transformation & customer journey agency which manages the data, marketing automation & CRM for HCF, Virgin Mobile, Volkswagen, Sensis, Kathmandu, and Roche.

Will started the Eloqua (Oracle Marketing Cloud) software business and the Marketo software business in the Asia-Pacific region, building out the marketing, sales, service and training teams and was responsible for the rapid revenue growth for both businesses across Australia & New Zealand.

Phone: +61 400 828 866
Email: will.sp@datascouts.com.au

Marcus Zeltzer

Course Facilitator

Marcus is a course facilitator at Data Scouts. Marcus serves on the boards of RegTech Automation provider Whistle Group and veteran first employment organisation The Shield Academy. Marcus holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Wollongong.  

Phone: +61 401 033 114
Email: marcus.zeltzer@datascouts.com.au

Tony Kvatch

Director of Data Scouts Recruitment

Tony has worked in Software, Technology, Data Sales and Recruitment for over 15 years. Since 2012 he has focused his attention on creating a strong network in the Salesforce and Marketing Automation Eco System. Having successfully built a niche recruitment agency in this space, Tony has now joined with Data Scouts to form Data Scouts Recruitment.

Phone: +61 401 033 114
Email: tony.kvatch@datascouts.com.au

Mary Cuy

CX Visual Designer

Mary loves engaging with the customer experience throughout the design process (and has mapped quite a few customer journeys in her day - thanks Will!). Her role requires her to keep up with the Data Scouts team, working to visually represent their constant flow of ideas! Mary has utilised a range of large and small Marking Automation & CRM platforms and has a working overview of the industry. In her spare time she loves hanging with her family and taking on the occasional branding project.

Phone: +61 2 8015 6662
Email: mary.cuy@datascouts.com.au