Data Scouts Custom Training

Would you prefer to have our Data Scouts course content tailored to reflect the specifics of your company and/or industry?

The team at Data Scouts would be delighted to create and deliver custom course content that meets your requirements, budget and timeline. Data Scouts have delivered custom training to some of Australia’s largest organisations.

It is recommended that cross functional teams are represented in custom training, for example: sales, marketing, IT, digital and executives. Our custom courses can be either delivered on your site or at our training facilities in Sydney or Melbourne.

As with all Data Scouts courses, participants get access to the Data Scouts consulting toolkit which contains a series of best practice templates, models and resources.

Course delivery methods are entirely flexible but examples include:

Course duration is entirely flexible but see examples:

Resources / practical take aways
Customised resources based on your needs

Invest in your future
Custom Training can be tailored to any budget!

Thanks for facilitating the CX Design Workshop. It was very well received within the team at Arts – and I think has got everyone thinking. Which is a great thing. Also appreciate that the training is aligned with Chancellery digital strategy which gives everyone the same experience across the University and hopefully it will meet the aims of getting us all thinking and talking in the same language and can then work better across divisions and centrally with each other.

Jason O'Leary - Manager Marketing, Recruitment & Communications
Faculty of Arts -
University of Melbourne

"The market space now is a digital landscape with many new and unknown horizons. Data Scouts empowers you with a set of skills to guide client companies through this digital terrain. All marketers should be doing this".

Christeneh Avaness - Marketing Specialist