"The Digital revolution is well and truly upon us, this course helps get you ready to adapt or you risk becoming a statistic."

Kennedy Moyo - Marketing & Advertising Executive
Bureau of Meteorology

"Thank you for the great training session this morning. I think I speak on behalf of the guys too when I say it was super informative and quite fun!
You could probably tell how seriously we took the activities by the amount of time we took to get those notepads and numbers up! It was wonderful, thank you.

Rita Njeim| - Marketing Officer
Arab Bank Australia

"Thanks again for a great session last week. We’ve definitely taken a lot away from the course".

Leanne Robinson - Digital Marketing Advisor

"Many thanks for today’s session, I thought it was phenomenal, and so did my colleague".

Amos Rojter - Digital Marketing Manager
Vision Australia

"I would just like to extend my thanks for the workshop you hosted, it was incredibly insightful. I learned a lot and have so much information to take away that I know will help with my career going forward.".

Campbell MacMahon - Digital Marketing Coordinator

"I enjoyed the workshop – it was a good back-to-fundamentals in terms of the planning process. I particularly appreciated the tech-agnostic and customer-first approach, and your scoring methodology used for prioritising projects. I would recommend the workshop to others".

Stuart Hill - Digital Marketing Manager
ESRI Australia

"Thank you very much for your guidance and inspiration in the interactive workshop. You have given us the tools, motivation and justification we were seeking to get started on our customer journeys (and to stop delaying due to segmentation/cleansing tasks). We were aware of the fast change to a digital future but the complete job role change was certainly an eye opener for me".

Elli McKay - Head of Marketing Strategy & Customer Experience
Jaycar Electronics Group

"Thank you for providing such an engaging and practical workshop last Friday. It was really good and I have shared my learning with the Team here at Iron Mountain. We will contact you when we are ready to accelerate our growth in the digital transformation journey".

Emeline Wiramihardja - Tender & Marketing Specialist
Iron Mountain Australia Group

"I found the session really beneficial and would like to share a lot of this stuff with my team".

Sarah Endres - Head of Digital

"After the Data Scouts course I left feeling well equipped both with a plan and the consulting skills needed to be a CRM champion for the business".

Christopher James - Marketing Specialist
Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

"The course coupled practical advice with real-life examples of customer marketing campaigns in an engaging format. I left with a plan ready to start implementing the next day".

Sacha Hughes - Marketing Services Manager
Vita Group

"The course was highly interactive. Concepts were explained in a very simple and relatable way, complimented by countless real-life examples from Marcus and Will's work and experience over the years. The Data Scouts framework is a simple, yet methodical and effective way of making sure customers are at the front of minds when designing marketing campaigns".

Kanny Lai - Senior Sales Coverage Consultant

"I totally enjoyed the course. Both Marcus and Will are very knowledgeable and were very helpful in ensuring everything is explained clearly. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering implementing digital transformation in their organisation/business"

Zac Lee - Senior Marketing Specialist
Lincoln Electric

"The Data Scouts course is a very practical course and you go away armed with new skills and practical tools to take back and use immediately".

Laura McKnight - Client Marketing Manager
Cerebral Palsy Alliance

"The session was well presented, I like the approach and well executed".

Dave Burns - Digital Delivery Manager
Jaycar Electronics Group

"One of the best training courses I have been to as a marketer".

Rosie Brown - Marketing Recruitment and Communications Specialist
University of Melbourne

"The market space now is a digital landscape with many new and unknown horizons. The Data Scouts course empowers you with a set of skills to guide client companies through this digital terrain. All marketers should be doing this".

Christeneh Avaness - Marketing Specialist

"This was one of the best courses I've attended. Real examples, great interactions and an amazing tool kit to leave with. I'd recommend this to anyone looking at digital transformation in their organisation. This course provided clear, jargon-free best practice tools, examples and advice".

Kate Moulton – Marketing Coordinator

"The Data Scouts Team are not only knowledgeable about what they teach, they are passionate while doing it! If you think you know everything about Automation and CRM or nothing at all, this course will refresh or teach you true understanding how to get the best of both theories.

Lucy Nascimento, Product Development Manager

"Thanks for facilitating the CX Design Workshop. It was very well received within the team at Arts – and I think has got everyone thinking. Which is a great thing. Also appreciate that the training is aligned with Chancellery digital strategy which gives everyone the same experience across the University and hopefully it will meet the aims of getting us all thinking and talking in the same language and can then work better across divisions an centrally with each other".

Jason O'Leary - Manager Marketing, Recruitment & Communications
Faculty of Arts - University of Melbourne